Clean Or Replace you Air Filters

If your air filters our dirty and have not been replaced in a while, it is going to make your furnace run harder than it should. Dirty filters will cause your energy bill to sky rocket. Don't waste your hard earned money! Remember to replace your filters at the start of each season. Set a plan to replace them every 1-3 months so your unit can run at its peak performance and to save money on utility bills. You don't want to deal with furnace repair! Dirty air filters can also build dirt and dust on the inside of your unit. This will cause your unit to run ineffectively and eventually break down. This will cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs and will cause you to have to replace your system early. Air filters are inexpensive and easy to replace. Spending money on air conditioning repair is not fun! Do yourself a huge favor and replace those air filters on a regular basis! You surely won't regret it. We are a Tulsa AC Repair Pro!

3 Tips for Better, More Efficient Tulsa Air Conditioning Repair and Heat

Oklahoma heat can be really tough to deal with. The cold really isn’t much better. You need to make sure that your unit is in good condition for extreme weather in Oklahoma. Your HVAC is a necessary part of keeping your home cool or warm when it matters the most. It is an item of sheer necessity and not luxury for Oklahoma homeowners. Tulsa heat and air can get rather expensive in the short- as well as long-term, but it really matters so you can’t let it go. The summer months seem to stay longer year after year. Some say its global warming, but we say, whatever it is, it shouldn’t cause your home  trouble. This brings us back to your Tulsa air conditioner repair. The regulations put forward and the growing demand for these systems of Tulsa heat and air is making production more costly. It will be you who must pay more in the long run if you do not run the system properly. Therefore, it’s very important to have the right Tulsa AC Repair company in your home. If you need Tulsa Air Conditioning Installation call Axis Heat and Air Tulsa for the right service!
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